About Us

Showcasing the Simplicity of Eastern Aesthetic

Crafting an enduring style and sense of place through furnishing has been the vision of Tenango for more than three decades.

Our business evolved from solely importing one-of-a-kind antiques from Central America and Asia to supplying furnishings made of salvaged and reclaimed architectural remnants from old buildings and farms that embody the simplicity of Eastern Aesthetic.

Today, our furniture collection embraces nature in all its imperfection. Our master craftsmen use a time-honored method that preserves the texture of the wood and emphasizes its grain.  This technique reveals the deepened color as the wood ages and leaves wormholes as they are.

Tenango is a wholesale entity, selling exclusively to designers and retailers. We can accommodate your specific design needs by meeting size specifications and specialized design requirements.At our Southern California office, our team is dedicated to assisting designers and retailers with your selection process.

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We look forward to working with you to find unique and timeless pieces to enhance your projects.

Hand-Selected Ceramics and Accessories

Tenango’s furnishings are complemented by our collections of decorative ceramics from small kiln producers and exceptional accessories, which we carefully select from producers throughout China.

With a history of ceramics that dates 8000 years, China’s various regions are known for distinctive styles in coloration, thickness of the body and shape.  Tenango’s creamy white collection, showcases ceramics from the hills of Henan where renown JUN Ware originated. The region’s artisans are recognized for producing works with robust shapes and thick bodies that feature glazes of opalescent blue splashed with striking crimson.

For our low-fired ceramics collection, we chose a small kiln producer in a village near Luoyang, Henan.  Once a capital of the Song Dynasty, the region is home to the producers of Tang burial ware that features green, soft white and yellow hues.

Our fine porcelain ceramics are selected from the southern city of Jindezheng.  Located in a region of mineral rich soil that creates fine ceramics, the city evolved as China’s porcelain production center.  From Jindezheng, we hand selected a collection of artfully shaped vessels, large bowls and containers for tea and spices in blue and white, clean white, cobalt blue and celadon.

In addition to Tenango’s ceramics collection, our accessories also underscore the Asian Aesthetic.  Like our reclaimed wooden furniture, each repurposed accessory tells a story.  Our baskets and wooden containers were once used in the countryside by farmers and villagers. They may have carried a wedding gift, held fresh herbs, tea or opium, or measured a ration of rice.  Today, they are decorative, as well as practical for storing logs by the fireplace.  Our collected is rounded out by uniquely shaped pieces, such as our hall racks that are crafted from old farm plows.

Tenango’s team is available to assist you in paring the company’s ceramics and accessories with its furniture to create your vision.